Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Traditional House Of Riau

The truth can not be called a traditional house of Riau, but is caused by synonymous with Malay Riau, Riau so traditional house is the house Malay custom. Riau-Plus there are many rivers, each river is different too civilized and customary although there are many similarities.
In general there are 5 types of traditional Malay houses:
* Hall Salaso Fall,
* Traditional House Salaso Twin Fall,
* Malay House Roof Limas,
* Fold the house Malay Kajang and
* House Roof Lontik Malay.
Form of traditional home Riau region in general is the home that stands above the stage mast with rectangular buildings. From some form of houses, all very similar, both stairs, doors, walls, office layout is identical, except that-got home lontik Minang influence.
- House Lontik / Lancang (Kampar)
Lontik house which can also be called a house presumptuous because this house roof form curved upward, somewhat pointed like buffalo horns. While the walls are tilted out with similar wall hangings foot boat or presumptuous. It symbolizes respect for God and fellow-. Lontik custom home can be expected due to the influence of Minangkabau culture  contained in the area adjacent to West Sumatra. Staircase is usually odd.
- Hall Salaso Fall
Hall salaso fall is like a custom home building, but its function was not to residences but for consultation or a meeting is customary. In accordance with the function of this building has a variety of names, among others: Hall of Sari, Coronation Hall, Hall density and others. The building is now no longer exists, the village where the prince of deliberations done at home, while the religious menyangklut done in the mosque.
Fall Salaso Hall has a walkway around the lower floor of the living room, because it is said Salaso Fall. All building both custom homes and custom hall is decorated mainly in the form of carving.
There is always a peak roof decoration of wood sticking up this cross and the ornaments are usually given a carving called Salembayung or Sulobuyung which implies recognition of Almighty God.

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